Acquiring PDF files

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TwainSave allows acquiring the files and saving the files to single or multipage Adobe PDF files.  To acquire to PDF files, use the -filetype option and specify pdf as the file type.  For example


twainsave -filetype pdf -filename test.pdf

twainsave -filetype pdf -filename test.pdf -multipage


The first command saves the image to a file named test.pdf in Adobe PDF format.


The second command does the same as the first command, except that if the file is a multipage PDF file (for example, if the pages are acquired using a device that has a document feeder) all pages are saved to a file named test.pdf.


If you are acquiring PDF pages that may have to be stretched to fit the original page size (for example, if using the -area command to acquire an area of interest), the -pdfscale fitpage option should be used.


In addition, there are various options that are PDF specific that allows setting page scaling, sizes, security and encryption settings, etc.  The list of options are as follows:


Setting PDF document creator, author, keywords, and other named properties:








Setting PDF page sizes, scaling, and orientation:






Setting PDF encryption, permissions, and owner/user password:









Setting PDF document encoding:




Setting PDF JPEG quality (for color PDF's only):