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The -pdfrandowner option sets the owner password to a random set of characters.  The password automatically turns on the encryption option for a PDF file.


The owner password allows changes to the PDF file's password settings and other settings deemed secure.  If an owner password is present, the user must enter the owner password when prompted by the Adobe Acrobat program to allow changes to the PDF file's security settings.


Since -pdfrandowner sets a random string for the owner password, using the -pdfrandowner option effectively makes the PDF file's security settings unchangeable.  Therefore -pdfrandowner can be used along with -pdfpermit to set permissions, and then to ensure that the permissions cannot be changed by anyone opening the PDF file (including the creator of the file itself, namely TwainSave).


The random password is unknown to everyone, including DynaRithmic Software.  Therefore make sure that when you create a PDF file using -pdfrandowner, that the PDF file will never need security settings changed after creation of the PDF file.


If both -pdfrandowner and -pdfownerpass are present on the TwainSave command-line, the -pdfrandowner option takes precedence.


See also -pdfownerpass and -pdfuserpass for information on creating non-random passwords for PDF files.