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-pdfuserpass UserPassword


The -pdfuserpass option sets the user password to UserPassword. The -pdfuserpass password automatically turns on the encryption option for a PDF file.  By default, there is no user password.


An encrypted PDF file has a maximum of two passwords, a user password and an owner password (the owner password is denoted by the -pdfownerpass option).  If the user or owner password is present, opening the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat requires one of these password to be entered.  The passwords can have a maximum length of 32 characters.


The owner password allows changes to the PDF file's password settings and other settings deemed secure.  If an owner password is present, the user must enter the owner password when prompted by the Adobe Acrobat program to allow changes to the PDF file's security settings.


Default Setting:

User password is not set, or does not exist if no other PDF encryption options are specified.