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TwainSave Supported File Formats


The supported file formats that TwainSave can save images to are as follows (all TWAIN enabled devices can save files to the following formats):


Windows® Bitmap (BMP)
TIFF (Compression supported are No compression, Packbits, Flate, LZW, Group 3 FAX, Group 4 FAX, and JPEG)
Windows® ICON file (ICO)
Windows meta file (WMF)
Enhanced Windows meta file (EMF),
Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Postscript Level 1 and Level 2
Wireless Bitmap (WBMP)



II In addition to the above file types, TwainSave can alternately use your TWAIN device's internal file support to save to various file formats.  This will allow you to save to additional file types that are not listed above.  For this particular option, the TWAIN device you choose must have a TWAIN driver that supports alternate file transfers.


Also available are multipage TIFF, PCX, PDF, and PostScript files.


When producing Acrobat PDF files, TwainSave has various options including setting the producer, keywords, encryption, and other useful PDF options.


Since TwainSave is a command-line utility, programmers can easily utilize TwainSave in their programs to initiate TWAIN image retrieval.  TwainSave can also be used in batch files. TwainSave can easily be used by end-users that do not want to write computer programs to acquire images from a TWAIN device.  Resolution, image-bit depth, acquisition area, duplex scanning, multi-page scanning, job/batch control, imprinter usage, blank page removal, and many other options are available in this easy-to-use command line utility.


Also available are special diagnostic mode, just in case a TWAIN driver doesn't behave as expected.  Log files are generated that capture all the events occuring between TwainSave and your TWAIN device.


If a programmer desires even more control of TWAIN image retrieval, it is highly recommended that the DTWAIN image retrieval library be used for more programmatic control of the TWAIN devices.


Please note:

TwainSave will work the best on devices that adhere to the TWAIN compliancy specifications.  There are a few devices that report to be TWAIN compliant, but do not follow the TWAIN specification 100% of the time.  Therefore TwainSave cannot guarantee that a set of options will work correctly for the TWAIN device you are using.


TwainSave currently supports Black and White, grayscale, and color (RGB) image file creation.


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