TwainSave Topics of Interest

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The following topics concerning TwainSave should get you started on acquiring images successfully.


Starting TwainSave

Selecting a TWAIN device for image retrieval

Keeping the device's User Interface displayed

Setting Device Options using the User Interface

Acquiring images without showing device User Interface

Using a Document Feeder (ADF)

Acquiring from a Duplex device

Acquiring multipage image files without a document feeder

Setting Color and Bit Depth level

Setting Resolution Level

Handling overwriting existing image files

Acquiring Portrait or Landscape Images

Acquiring Slides and Negatives using Transparency Unit

Correcting skewed images

Specifying command options using a file

TwainSave return codes

TwainSave command-line options

Diagnosing and Reporting TwainSave Problems

Using TwainSave in a program

64-bit TwainSave

TwainSave and TWAIN information

About DynaRithmic Software


In addition to these topics, there are a myriad of other options available.  Rather than explaining each option here, please peruse the Command Overiew.