64-bit TwainSave

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In addition to a 32-bit version of TwainSave, the TwainSave program comes in a 64-bit version, TwainSave64.exe.  The TwainSave64 program will run on any 64-bit Windows® operating system (XP, Vista, Server 2003, Windows® 7).  The 64-bit version allows you to acquire from TWAIN compatible devices that have 64-bit drivers.


Please note the following:


1) You can only run TwainSave64 on 64-bit systems.  You cannot run TwainSave64 on 32-bit operating systems.  

2) If you want to acquire from 64-bit TWAIN devices, you must use TwainSave64, not TwainSave.  As with most other 64-bit components, 64-bit TWAIN devices and drivers can only be accessed from 64-bit executable programs, and TwainSave64.exe gives you the ability to acquire from these devices..


3) If you want to acquire from 32-bit TWAIN devices you must use TwainSave, not TwainSave64.  You cannot acquire from 32-bit devices from TwainSave64.


4) You can use the 32-bit TwainSavve program to acquire from 32-bit TWAIN devices, regardless of whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit.


Basically, you must run the correct version of TwainSave to acquire from a particular TWAIN device.  It is recommended you always run the 32-bit version of TwainSave, unless it is verified that the TWAIN devices(s) you want to acquire from have 64-bit drivers installed.  If it is determined that the device is installed with 64-bit TWAIN drivers, then TwainSave64 must be used to acquire from the device.


From this point on, any mention of TwainSave in this document pertains to both TwainSave and TwainSave64 programs, 32-bit and 64-bit devices.