Acquiring multipage images without a feeder

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Currently, acquiring multi-page image files without a document feeder can only be accomplished when the device's user interface is displayed (the -noui option is not used).


To acquire multipage images (PDF, TIFF, PCX) from a device that does not have a document feeder, the following TwainSave commands can be used:





For example, to obtain a multipage PDF file from a flatbed scanning device, the following command-line can be used:


twainsave -filename somefile.pdf -filetype pdf -multipage2 -uiperm


The command-line above when invoked using a flatbed scanner will keep the user interface open, allowing the user to scan one page at a time, each time placing a different sheet of paper on the flatbed portion of the scanner.  When the user finally closes the user interface, all the pages that were scanned will be joined together to form the multipage PDF file.