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Save all pages scanned to a multi-page file after the user-interface is closed.  The -multipage2 differs from -multipage in that the pages acquired are not saved to the file immediately, but only when the user has closed the device's user interface (thereby when TwainSave has exited).  This allows devices such as flatbed scanners to acquire to a multi-page file by letting the user continuously acquire pages, where all the  acquired pages will be saved to the file once the device's user interface has been closed.


To keep the user interface displayed to allow the user to acquire more than one set of images, use the -uiperm switch.  Using -uiperm will keep the user interface displayed, and will only close when the user closes the interface.


By contrast, the -multipage option will immediately save the pages to the file, thereby making -multipage only suitable for devices that can acquire multiple pages using an automatic document feeder.


The -multipage2 switch can only be used when the device's user interface is shown, i.e. cannot be used when the -noui switch is used.  If both -multipage and -multipage2 are specified, then -multipage will be used.


The -multipage2 option can only be used for the following file types (see the -filetype parameter):



PCX Format


Adobe PDF format


PostScript Level 1


PostScript Level 2


TIFF (no compression)


TIFF (PackBits compression)


TIFF (Group 3 FAX compression)


TIFF (Group 4 FAX compression)


TIFF (JPEG compression)


TIFF (Flate compression)


TIFF (LZW compression)


Default Setting:

No multipage2 (all acquisitions are single pages).