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-pdfscale ScaleOptions [xScale yScale]


The -pdfscale option allows scaling of the resulting image when converted to PDF.  For some cases, scaling of the image within the PDF page may be necessary to not allow distortion of the image.


The ScaleOptions should be one of the following:



Fits the image within the page


Does not fit the image in the page.  Uses pixel-per-point scaling.


Specify a custom scaling for the width (x) and height (y) components of the image.


The fitpage option fits the acquired images to the size of the page.  The effect will be the "stretching" or contraction of the image in the x and y direction to fit the page.  This is desirable if you have acquired using standard size paper (Letter, A4, etc.) and you would like to see the entire page filled with the image.


The noscale option does not fit the image to the page.  When placing an image within a PDF page, each pixel of the image corresponds to a point of the PDF page.  For example, if an image is 600 x 800, and the PDF page is letter (612 x 792 points), the image will fit within the width of the PDF file (600 < 612), but the height will not fit ( 800 > 792).  If the image is too large to fit the width or height, the image is clipped.  Use the noscale option if you are acquiring very small images, but you do not want these images to be stretched to fit the page.


To specifiy a custom scaling, the custom scaling option is used, along with the scaling factor of the width and height of the image.  The xScale and yScale arguments specify the scaling in the width and height, respectively.  The xScale and yScale arguments must be in percent and must be greater than 0.0.  This means that a value of 100.0 is essentially no scaling.




Fits the image to the page.

twainsave -filetype pdf -pdfscale fitpage (..other options..)


Scales the image to half its original size, both in the width and the height:

twainsave -filetype pdf -pdfscale "custom 50 50" (..other options..)


Scales the image to half its original size in the width, and 75% in the height

twainsave -filetype pdf -pdfscale "custom 50 75" (..other options..)


If fitpage or noscale is specified, the xScale and yScale arguments are ignored.


Default Setting: