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-pdfsize PageSize [width height]


The -pdfsize option sets the size of the PDF page for the pages that are acquired.  The -pdfsize option overrides the -papersize option.


The values for PageSize can be one of the sizes specified by the -papersize option, or one of the following:





Custom page size.  Width and height are specified by the width and height arguments, and specified in points.


The PDF page is sized to the actual size of the image.


For the custom page size, the width and height are specified in points.  A point is a unit of measure equal to 1/72 of an inch.  For example:


twainsave -filetype pdf -pdfsize "custom 612 792" -f test.pdf


This sets the size of the PDF page to 612 x 792 points.  Since there are 72 points per inch, this is equivalent to 8.5" x 11".


twainsave -filetype pdf -pdfsize A4 -f test.pdf

This sets the PDF page size to A4.  The A4 value is one of the page sizes that are listed for the -papersize option.  Unlike the -papersize option, your TWAIN driver does not need to support the page size specified when -pdfsize is specified.


For the variable page size, the PDF page is sized to the actual size of the image.  The size of the page is determined by the pixel width and height of the image.  A one-to-one mapping of the points to pixels is done.  For example, if no scaling is done, an image of 800 x 600 pixels is fitted to a PDF page of 800 x 600 points.  This allows the acquired image to fit perfectly without distortion, since the page is fitted to the image instead of the image being fitted to the page.


The width and height arguments are only recognized for the custom option.


If both -pdfsize and -papersize are specified on the command line, the -pdfsize option will be used.


Default Setting:

If -pdfsize is not specified and the -papersize is specified, then the setting used for the -papersize option is used.  If neither -pdfsize nor if -papersize is specfiied, the default page size is letter.