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Use the automatic document feeder to acquire the pages.  If there are no pages in the feeder, the flatbed portion of the device is used.


The -autofeedorflatbed option works exactly the same as the -autofeed option, with the exception that if on startup, no paper is detected in the feeder, TwainSave automatically will start acquiring from the flatbed portion of the device.


The device must support the detection of paper in the document feeder through the device's TWAIN driver.  Please note that there are devices and TWAIN drivers that cannot detect if there is paper loaded in the feeder, therefore the -autofeedorflatbed command will not work correctly with these devices.


You can use the -autofeedorflatbed command if you're acquiring pages without showing the device's user interface, and you want to seamlessly use the document feeder or flatbed portion of the device, depending on where the paper is loaded.


Default Setting:

Doucument feeder is not used for devices that can acquire images without a feeder.