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Use the automatic document feeder to acquire the pages.  If the TWAIN device is equipped with a document feeder, the -autofeed option must be used to use the document feeder.  If the -autofeed option is not specified, the flatbed portion of the device is used (if the device has a flatbed scanning option).


Note that some devices can only scan using a feeder, while other devices do not have feeders, therefore the -autofeed option will have no effect on these devices.  Only if the scanner has both feeder and flatbed options will the -autofeed option have any effect.


If you have a device that has both a document feeder and flatbed portion of the scanner, the -autofeedorflatbed option allows you to use the flatbed portion of the scanner automatically if there is no paper in the document feeder.


Default Setting:

Document feeder is not used for devices that can acquire images without a feeder.