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Select the default TWAIN device.  The default device is the last one selected by a previous TWAIN enabled application, or if it is the only TWAIN device installed.

Using -sd suppresses the usual "Select TWAIN device" dialog and chooses the device immediately.


If -sd or -sn is specified on the command-line, the TWAIN "Select TWAIN device" dialog is not displayed to the user.



twainsave -sd -noui -filetype bmp -f test.bmp


The example above:

Selects the default TWAIN device (-sd)
Acquires with no user interace displayed (-noui)
Acquires to a BMP file called test.bmp (-filetype bmp -f test.bmp)


Default Setting:

The TWAIN "Select TWAIN device" dialog is shown if the -sn option is also not specified..