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-sn deviceName


Selects the TWAIN driver to use by specifying the Product Name of the TWAIN device.  The deviceName must be one of the product names displayed in the "Select TWAIN device" dialog that is usually displayed when choosing a TWAIN device.  Using -sn suppresses the usual "Select TWAIN device" dialog and chooses the device immediately.


See also -sd to select the default device.


If neither -sd or -sn is specified, the TWAIN "Select TWAIN device" dialog is displayed to the user.


Tip:  If you are having trouble determining the device name to use, you can generate a -details file to determine the device name to use with the -sn command. Since the details file is just a text file (any editor such as Notepad can open this file), you can copy the device name from the file and use it in the -sn command.  The device name will be the name specified by the Device_Name entry in the details file.



twainsave -sn "Fujitsu Limited TWAIN"


Selects the TWAIN driver named "Fujitsu Limited TWAIN" when acquiring images without showing the "Select TWAIN device" dialog.


Default Setting:

The TWAIN "Select TWAIN device" dialog is shown if the -sd option is also not specified.