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-overwritemax value


Specifies the maximum number of files to create when -overwritemode 3 is specified.


Controls how many unique files to create before overwriting the existing original file.   Note that this option is ignored if there is no -overwritemode option specified, or if -overwritemode 1 or -overwritemode 2 is specified.


By default, overwritemode 3 has a maximum of 9,999 files.  If this number has to be increased, use the -overwritemax option.


Note that using this option will increase the size of the suffix used in the new file name.  So for example:


-twainsave -filetype test.bmp -overwritemode 3 -overwritemax 10000


will create a file named test__00001.bmp instead of test_0001.bmp, since there will be a maximum of 10,000 files, and the file name suffix has to accommodate the names test__00001.bmp, test__00002.bmp, test__00003.bmp, etc. up to test__10000.bmp.


Default Setting:

The -overwritemax is 9999