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-orientation value


Sets the orientation of the page when acquiring images. The device must support setting the orientation of pages.  Some devices do not support setting the orientation.


The valid options for value are as follows:





No Rotation


90 degree rotation of image file


180 degree rotation of image file


270 degree rotation of image page.



Please note that the value of -orientation does not affect the -pdforient option. Both orientations will occur, making the orientation cumulative.  For example, if you use -orientation to set your orientation to 90 degrees, and then set -pdforient to portrait the resulting orientation of the PDF page would be a rotated, portrait page.


See also the -rotation option.




Acquire to a bmp file called test.bmp, and allow the device to orient the page 90 degrees.


twainsave -f test.bmp -orientation 90


Default Setting:

The orientation value that the device determines as the default.  Usually this is a value of 0.