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-nouiwaittime numSeconds


When -nouiwait is used, -nouiwaittime sets the maximum amount of time to wait for paper to be placed in document feeder.   The numSeconds parameter denotes the number of seconds to wait.


If the wait time has elapsed without any paper being placed in the feeder, TwainSave will automatically shut down.


If numSeconds is 0, TwainSave will wait an indefinite amount of seconds (in other words, TwainSave will never shut down unless paper is placed in the document feeder).  Only use a value of 0 if you can guarantee that paper will eventually will be placed in the document feeder.  If not, you will need to shut down TwainSave using methods that are not recommended (for example, using Windows Task Manager to kill the TwainSave.exe process).


If -nouiwait is not specified on the command-line, -nouiwaittime is ignored.




twainsave -f test.bmp -filetype bmp -nouiwait -nouiwaittime 60


The command above acquires a single page as a BMP file.  No user interface will be shown, and the device will wait for 60 seconds for paper to be inserted in the document feeder.  If 60 seconds has elapsed, TwainSave will automatically close.


If your device does not have a document feeder, the -nouiwait and -nouiwaittime values are ignored.  Use -noui for acquiring to devices that do not have a document feeder.


Default Setting:

If -nouiwaittime is not specified, the waiting time is 120 seconds (2 minutes) before TwainSave closes.