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Do not display the TWAIN device user interface when acquiring images, and only acquire once paper has been placed in the document feeder.  TwainSave will automatically close if after 120 seconds, no paper has been placed in the document feeder.  See below for setting the wait time to a time other than 120 seconds.


All of the requirements below must be fulfilled for the -nouiwait option to work successfully:


1) The TWAIN driver allows the user interface to be turned off when acquiring images.

2) The device must have a document feeder

3) The document feeder must have a paper sensor that can be queried successfully using the TWAIN protocol.


Most devices that have document feeders can detect if paper is in the feeder.  To determine if your device has a paper-sensitive feeder, use the -details option and generate a file that lists your device's capabilities.  In the details file, the Device_Feeder_Sensitive setting will be equal to 1 if the feeder is reported to be paper-sensitive.


If both -noui and -nouiwait are specified as options, the -nouiwait takes precedence.


Please note:

A device may report that a feeder is paper-sensitive, but due to bugs in the driver or a misreporting by the driver, the sensor might not be paper-sensitive. TwainSave cannot overcome these issues, as the issue is with the driver and the manufacturer of the driver.



Setting the Waiting time for paper:

To set the wait time for paper to be placed in the feeder to either less or greater than 120 seconds, or to wait for an infinite time until paper is placed in the feeder, please use the -nouiwaittime option in addition to the -nouiwait option.



Default Setting:

If -nouiwaittime is not specified, the waiting time is 120 seconds (2 minutes) before TwainSave closes.