Catastrophic TwainSave Errors - Crash Dumps

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Every application at one time or another experiences the worst-case scenario, and that is the application crash (or system crash).  TwainSave is not immune to this from happening, even though our engineers are top-notch programmers, careful to use the most stable libraries when developing the TwainSave application.  Hopefully TwainSave will never crash during the times that you're using it, but since there are so many different TWAIN devices that may have bugs, we cannot guarantee that every single TWAIN device will behave normally.


For most applications, when a crash occurs, the result is that the user sees a message box stating that the program has encountered an error, and in addition asking you whether you want to send this information to the Microsoft® Corporation (this message box varies in style between operating systems).


TwainSave bypasses this behavior and instead will display a customized message stating that a crash has occurred, in addition to creating a crash dump file and a message box stating where the crash dump file will be generated.   It is advised that you send the crash dump file to DynaRithmic Software as a zipped archive (use WinZip or another program that creates zip files compatible to WinZip, such as jZip) to  Also include the command-line you used to start TwainSave. This will help us solve any issues if this worst-case scenario occurs when running TwainSave.