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(This option is available only for usage with 32-bit TWAIN drivers).


The -usedsm2 option allows TwainSave to use version 2.x of the 32-bit TWAIN Data Source Manager, TWAINDSM.DLL, instead of the 32-bit Data Source Manager TWAIN_32.DLL if TWAINDSM.DLL is available.


The name of the TWAIN DSM for version 2.x specfication of the TWAIN protocol is TWAINDSM.DLL, and is used by some recent TWAIN drivers in preference to the 1.x of the TWAIN DSM (named TWAIN_32.DLL).  You can allow TwainSave to switch to use the newer Data Source Manager by specifying -usedsm2.


Note that all 32-bit TWAIN drivers can use either TWAIN_32.DLL or TWAINDSM.DLL, while 64-bit TWAIN drivers will always use TWAINDSM.DLL.


Default Setting:

If -usedsm2 is not specified, TWAIN_32.DLL is used as the Data Source Manager.