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The -uionly mode allows the display of the TWAIN device's user interface, but without the ability to scan or acquire images.  Only TWAIN devices that support this mode will be able to use -uionly.


This mode can be used to set options within the user interface.  When the user interface is closed, those options are then used as default values for subsequent operations using the device.


For example, you may want to set the options for a subsequent scan without the user interface shown.


twainsave -uionly

twainsave -noui -filename test.bmp


The first command above would start TwainSave and allow a selection of a device.  If successful, the user interface of the device is displayed but no scan option will be available.   The user can change other options within the user interface and save those changes by usually selecting "OK" or similar button.


When the user interface is closed, the selected options should be the default options used for the second invocation of TwainSave, which is to retrieve the image with no user interface.


If -uionly is specified, all options are ignored, including the -filename option (since no acquisition will take place).