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-resolution value


Sets the resolution of the acquired images.  The value can be any numerical value.  The units used by the -resolution command are in the same units described by the -unitofmeasure parameter (the default unit is dots-per-inch (DPI)).


The actual resolution used for the images will be a resolution supported by the TWAIN device that is as close to value as possible.  For example, if value is 300 DPI (assuming the units are in DPI), and the device only supports up to 100 DPI, then the resolution used is 100 DPI.


Since setting the resolution requires a compliant TWAIN driver, sometimes setting the resolution may not be successful for non-compliant TWAIN devices.



twainsave -resolution 200


Sets the resolution of the scanned images to 200.


Default Setting:

The device's default resolution for a particular image type.  This is usually set in the device's user interface when scanning images.