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-jobcontrol value        


Sets the job control option when acquiring to a multipage image file.  The device's TWAIN driver must support job control.


The job control option allows devices to use the feature of separating multipage acquisitions from a device into different jobs or "batches".  This is usually done by a job control page or "patch sheet" (there may be other ways of separating a batch of pages).  When invoked, each job is saved to a separate multipage image file.


The value parameter must be one of the following:





No job control.


Include job separator sheet when scanned.


Exclude job separator sheet when scanned.


When a job control page is encountered, the current multipage image file that is being created is saved, and a new multipage image file will be created to start the next job.



Generate multipage PDF files.

Jobs are separated by a patch page.

Patch page exists on every third page to separate the jobs:

Do not include patch page in the PDF file.

Name the files according to the smart auto-increment feature (-useinc)


Assume there are a total of 10 pages in the scanner's document feeder, including the patch pages:


twainsave -f test0001.pdf -multipage -filetype pdf -jobcontrol 2 -useinc


If successful, four multipage PDF files will be created:


test0001.pdf  (2 pages -- pages 1, 2 )

test0002.pdf  (2 pages -- pages 4, 5)

test0003.pdf  (2 pages -- pages 7, 8)

test0004.pdf  (1 page -- page 10)


Note that pages 3, 6, and 9 are not stored, since these were patch (job separator) pages.


Default Setting:

The job control is turned off (value is 0)