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-highlight value        


Sets the highlight value for the images to be acquired. The device must support setting highlight values.  Some devices do not support setting the highlight level.  The -verbose option will generate a message that will inform whether setting the highlight value worked successfully or an error was encountered.


The highlight value can be any numeric value between 0 and 255, inclusive.


The highlight setting is an advanced setting that allows the device to set a minimum "light" color that the image will use.  Any color that would be lighter than the highlight is equal to the highlight value.  See also -shadow to set the darkest color to use in the image.


Example:  Acquire a BMP image named test.bmp.  The color is RGB, and the highlight value used is 70.


twainsave -f test.bmp -color 2 -highlight 70


Default Setting:

The highlight value that the device determines as the default.