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-diagnose Level


Turn on diagnostic mode and log to a diagnostic file.  The Level must be 1, 2, 3, or 4, where 1 will output the least information and 4 will output the most, more detailed information.  By default, the diagnostic log file is "stddiag.log", which is created in the directory where you are running TwainSave, but can be changed with the -diagnoselog command.


It is advised to use this option only if there is a problem with TwainSave and your TWAIN device.  The -diagnose option can generate very large diagnostic log files, and can slow down the scanner/digital camera user interface greatly, since every call to TWAIN, including user-interaction with the device's user interface, is being recorded.


Once the diagnostic log file has been generated, it can be used to identify internal function call failures, TWAIN failures, and other activity that may have occurred during the TWAIN session.


Example: To turn on diagnostics using Level 1 information:


twainsave -diganose 1 -filename test.bmp


This will create a log called "stddiag.log" in the current directory when acquiring BMP images.


If -diagnose is used in conjunction with -details, a diagnostic file will also be generated.