Advanced Programming

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The following topics illustrate the advanced features of DTWAIN.

Choosing the TWAIN Data Source Manager for your Application


Starting a TWAIN Session

DTWAIN Error Handling

Fundamental Image Transfer Modes

Device Capabilities

DTWAIN Acquisition Processing

Source User Interface Issues

Handling Page Acquisition Failures

Using an Automatic Document Feeder

Using a Duplex Scanner

Multipage Acquistions

Blank Page Detection and Removal

Setting the Image Retrieval Sizes

Using an Imprinter/Endorser

Using Job Control / Batch Processing

High Speed Image Acquisition

Acquiring Film and Transparencies

Thumbnail Images

Turning on /off Progress Indicator

Handling Extended Image Information

Customizing the Source User Interface

DTWAIN Notifications

DTWAIN Multithreading Issues

Special Device Events

Low-Level DTWAIN Functions

OCR Processing

DTWAIN Error Handling