Customization of DTWAIN using DTWAIN32.INI

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The DTWAIN Initialization file for the 32-bit library is DTWAIN32.INI.   The INI file must be placed in the system directory (for example: C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT) or the directory specified in the call to DTWAIN_SysInitializeEx. These files control DTWAIN language setting, error logging, and capability override information.


The non-varying sections of the DTWAIN32.INI file are as follows

[Language]  (sets the language to use)

[DSMErrorLogging] (sets the logging features)


The other sections in the DTWAIN32.INI file are used to Override Twain Source behavior


Setting the Language Used for Error Messages

Logging TWAIN Activity

Overriding Source Capability Negotiation and Behavior